Other events and news, March 2015

Below are some other events and news members might be interested in.

Open Garden, this weekend – Kerr Sustainability Centre, Thurgoona – 28th & 29th March
A local community garden of more than 100 plots. See how community gardens can offer something different to growing at home and admire the diversity of styles, plants, layouts and more.
See http://ecoportal.net.au/event/open-garden-kerr-sustainability-centre-thurgoona

Local Harvest Challenge – April 5th to 11th
Pick your preferred level of challenge to focus your attention on sourcing local food for a week. Seed Savers members have previously found this a fun way to look at our food sources (including home gardens!), and to perhaps find some new, local options in the process.
See http://www.localharvest.org.au/take-the-challenge

Wild Pollinator Count – April 12th to 18th – in a location of your choice
Spend 10 minutes watching some flowers in your garden or elsewhere and share the information about which pollinators you see to build awareness and understanding of them.
See http://wildpollinatorcount.com/count-pollinators

And if you’ve got time to make a cuppa and spend a little while to take in the wise words of Vandana Shiva, you might like to check out Milkwood Permaculture‘s post about her latest visit to Australia, and any of the various videos or resources linked therein. Dr Shiva has some important ‘big picture’ and local seed saving messages to consider.
See http://www.milkwood.net/2015/03/09/reclaiming-future-dr-vandana-shiva-sydney-video 

For more local event listings, see Ecoportal.net.au.

We welcome your suggestions for future inclusions in this round up – feel free to contact us with the details or leave a comment below.

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