Check out our seed bank lists

seed inventory list

List of seeds in the seed bank – vegetables first and flowers and herbs following.

Here’s our latest inventory of seeds in our seed bank (click to view as a PDF).

We encourage members to use the lists to identify the seed they would like to access (take home, grow, save again, share & return!) and also opportunities to expand or renew the seed bank by contributing seed we don’t currently have or are running low on.

We seek to constantly replenish our seed stocks so that they remain viable. The best way to ensure the future of these seeds and plants is to continually grow and save seed from them.

We ask that contributions of seed are accompanied by a seed data sheet, so that the attributes of the plant can be shared with others. Every plant (seed) in our seed bank has a story, and a reason that someone contributed it; the data sheets are about trying to capture those.

If you’re looking for some advice on what to grow or varieties to suit your taste or garden’s micro-climate, have a yarn with us and we’ll do our best to match you to some fabulous seeds.

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