Seed Savers members concerned about Trans Pacific Partnership

At our recent gathering, several members contributed to a discussion about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), specifically in relation to food labelling and genetically modified crops. We agreed to share some links to information on the TPP for those looking to find out more.

Many organisations and individuals have raised questions and concerns about this far-reaching international agreement, but little detail is available publicly.
You may like to follow it up yourself, and if concerned, you are strongly encouraged to write to your local member and ask for their consideration and support.

You can find out more about the TPP by following the links to these organisations:

Seed saver Janice Horsfield wrote to Cathy McGowan MP and is willing for others to consider using her letter as a template (or just to read more about her take on the issue).

The North East Regional Sustainability Alliance have also corresponded with Cathy McGowan about the TPP.

You can access the contact details for the federal Members of Parliament in our area on their respective websites Cathy McGowan (Indi) and Sussan Ley (Farrer).

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