Busyness and my garden

leafy greens and herbs

“It’s given me a chance to rethink about our food growing” – Sue

Here’s another response to our prompt How does your garden grow?

By Sue Brunskill

I have had a challenging year and probably have the least productive veggie garden since we moved to Wooragee more than 20 years ago. I did get a bit depressed – we have planted so well for habitat that the parrots and the wallabies have demolished much. But I did “put it on the table” and have a look and realised that I was away in September when I usually get ready for summer garden and then of course when I got back had to catch up on all other things I’d missed, then worked until 23rd Dec instead of stopping earlier, and had a busy family end of year.

But there are some positives too – I might just get my autumn veggies in on time, it gave me a chance to really build up the gardens and do some other things like play with our 2 gorgeous new miniature pigs that we collected on 23rd December.

It’s given me a chance to rethink about our food growing now we will be empty nesters and maybe next summer I will buy a box of summer veggies every 2 weeks, grow some lettuces and greens and herbs and not worry about growing the full complement. With the fires this year I am happy to keep our water in the tank, I want to go away more, and maybe I will concentrate on autumn, winter and spring growing.

I have had the best lettuces thought this year and it’s because I had fruit fly netting dumped over the top of the lettuces in a hurry (not over a trellis) to stop the wallaby munching, and I think the shade and humidity provided by the fruit fly netting has been ideal for lettuces. They don’t get western sun where I plant them in summer but even the extra protection from the midday heat has been worthwhile. Heavy straw mulching often brings lots of slugs – so maybe I will be protecting the soil with netting rather than thick mulch for lettuces!!!

I did think in a down moment why bother with fruit trees, but even though we miss the fruit now, when I work less and have more time to both cover properly and use the produce, at least the mature trees will be there.

So a summer of “downs” but also ”ups” for me too.

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