My favourite orchard tree

By Anna Sullivan

Image of almonds

Anna’s almonds. Photo: Anna Sullivan

After a wonderful summer of fruit, I have been reflecting on my favourite orchard trees and decided it is my almond trees.
Lucky for me they were here when we moved in five years ago but only in the last two years I have come to really appreciate them.

Yes, they do need to be netted, but apart from that, they are super easy. I do love all my other fruit trees but they do have a myriad of problems between them – fruit fly, scale, slug, gummosis, curly leaf, black beetle, the list goes on and on and sometimes I wonder if it’s all worth it!

This year’s almond harvest was easier than ever as I picked the nuts much later than usual and consequently found a better way to harvest. The almonds had started to dry and were falling off while I picked them so I shook the tree really hard and 98% fell off.  It would have been even easier if I’d thought to put a sheet underneath to catch them rather than picking them out of the grass!

The photos show the almonds drying inside for about 2 weeks until they rattle in the shell. Then into a jar and they last for ages! Love that – no bottling, peeling, freezing, labelling etc. So hands down, almonds are my favourite “fruit” in the orchard.

Image of harvested almonds in jar and on sheet

Homegrown almond goodness! Photo: Anna Sullivan

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