My winter gardening activities

Winter gardening

Skies are bleak, leaves are gone …

By Victoria Schollick

Winter has arrived with foggy, frosty mornings followed by cold, raining and overcast days. It’s hard to get enthusiastic about gardening when your fingers are feeling half-frozen and your nose starts dripping. And it’s very tempting to stay indoors rather than step outside and tackle some “must do” garden tasks.

The main task this winter at my place is to deconstruct the mini-warren the rabbits have constructed in the cottage garden bed over the last year or so. It will involve wielding a large mattock to collapse down the burrows and then back-fill with buckets of water and dirt. Making the area as inhospitable as possible for the bunnies so that hopefully they won’t want to return. This strategy worked with the warren the rabbits made in the wall of the dam a few years ago, so hopefully the poor old cottage garden will look halfway decent again soon.

The other, and more usual, winter gardening tasks like pruning, weeding, and spraying are all matters under consideration. Or rather procrastination as there’s really no need to hurry because spring is a few months away.

There’s plenty of time for thoughtful contemplation about the winter gardening “to do” list in between hot chocolates and cappuccinos and scoffing down sweet treats and fruit muffins.

Thanks to Victoria for sharing her winter gardening agenda – hot choc sounds like just the thing!
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