Feedback from Drop-In Seed Session

By Karral Miller

Pics from the session by Thea O'Loughlin

Pics from the session by Thea O’Loughlin

At our Drop-In Seed Session evening on Thursday 20th October around 30 members enthusiastically chose seeds from our seed bank to plant in their gardens now that the soil is (slowly) warming. The seed bank currently has a wide variety of seed and, due to recent efforts by some of our volunteer workers, it is better labelled, cleared of unviable seed, easier to access and record deposits and withdrawals.

Some members brought along seed to deposit and were able to clean it using the four new sieve sets, made possible from a contribution from the Hume Building Society as part of proceeds from their Earth Hour donations. Thanks, Hume Bank!

Seedlings offered by several industrious members were very popular. It was a convivial atmosphere as members shared gardening anecdotes, suggestions and hints. All left very satisfied, looking forward to hours in the garden planting their new seeds.

Thank you to the members who contributed to the success of the evening.

And big thanks to Karral and Thea for this article and photos.

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