Seed savers visit RAD growers

Collage of photos from farm visit

Our visit to RAD growers

Our much-anticipated end of year excursion to RAD growers was a wonderful day out and a huge hit with those who attended. Erin O’Callaghan runs this inspiring small-scale farm enterprise at Bungowannah, just outside Albury.

Report below or just check out the photos.

Erin generously shared her experiences in her business to date, while we took a tour of the site and quizzed her on all sorts of aspects of her approach, challenges and wins. She discussed the practicalities of growing and chook-wrangling; her techniques to build soil, irrigate, sow, harvest, market and plan; and how she has responded to the [heart-breaking!] inundation of her market garden by flood waters a month before our visit, including creating a whole new growing space and taking advantage of the home ‘kitchen garden’ in the interim.

Some of the challenges Erin noted in creating a small, diverse farm enterprise outside the supermarket model, included how much time and energy goes into explaining how her produce is different; helping people to use (and love) seasonal produce they might not have cooked with before; and why mother nature has the final say in what’s in a vegetable box in any given week.

Some folks stayed on to lend a hand with a few jobs in the garden – supporting the saying that ‘many hands make light work’ (or at least speed it along) and we hope giving something back in return for Erin’s generosity hosting our visit.

We are super grateful to Erin for sharing her precious time and hard-earned, ever-growing knowledge with us.

You can find out more about RAD growers via the website; on facebook ( and instagram (

RAD growers vegetable boxes are rightly popular this season … check the website for availability, ordering and pick up details in Albury. RAD eggs are also for sale at a bunch of local retailers and locations. Erin has a terrific newsletter that includes seasonal eating tips and more insights into her enterprise; order your produce from her and enjoy the bonus info!

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to RAD growers and encourage you to support this exciting local, ‘real and delicious’ food business.

Photos: Thea O’Loughlin & Karen Retra

2 thoughts on “Seed savers visit RAD growers

  1. This was a great activity. It was really great to see and hear about Erin’s grand plan. We enjoyed the tour and also helping out a little at the end of the session. Thanks Erin

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