Summer Seed Cleaning Afternoon

By Lou Bull


Parcels of seeds ready for cleaning and storage (and inclusion in our seed bank). Photo: Lou Bull

On Saturday afternoon of Feb 18th a trusty group of seedy characters (I can’t help but play on these words) plus some new faces, enjoyed the very autumn-like conditions to clean seed, go through the seed bank and share some great gardening stories.

Some new seed varieties came into the seed bank plus some regular favourites. Fresh seed of parsley, lettuce (freckles), dill, broccoli, rainbow chard and kale have been welcomed. New varieties were also added such as Purple Sicily cauliflower and land cress, which I am sure will be very popular (hint get in fast).

The best part is always the shared stories of how everyone’s gardens are growing.  We discussed fruit fly with the new members and unusual marks on apples (we thought maybe a form of insect damage).

This was our farewell gathering at the National Environment Centre.  We are moving our base to the Sustainable Activity Centre (in the old tourist information centre on the causeway). Moving details will come soon as will some for an exciting gathering to share all our gardens virtually!

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