Virtual Garden Visit To Thea’s Garden

garden talk image

We’re taking a virtual garden tour! All photos by Thea.

We all love to visit gardens (and we’ll do that again as a group in November!) but if a physical visit isn’t possible, how about a virtual one?

Thea & Luke’s Albury rental garden has been a source of inspiration (for us and their social media followers!) and experimentation (for them). We were sad to learn that Thea and Luke are moving on from Albury, but Thea’s kindly agreed to share some of her experiences gardening in our climate with us before they go.
Come along to find out more!

Where: Sustainable Activity Centre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga
When: 6:30pm- 8pm, Thursday 23rd March 2017

We’ll also have plenty of time to chat all things gardening and the current season in your patch.

As is usually the case at Seed Savers Albury-Wodonga events:

  • The bulk seed (our seed bank) will be available for members to add to and take from.
  • If you can give us a hand with setting up, packing up, taking a photo or some notes, please let us know – see here for more information.
  • We’ll have a trade table for cuttings, seedlings or other things to share or swap.
  • Members and guests are welcome to attend. We ask for a $4 donation from non-members to assist with our insurance costs.

This is our first gathering to be held at the Sustainable Activity Centre (SAC), Wodonga. Please don’t head out to Thurgoona as we won’t be there!

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