Gardening favourites

gadgets for gardening

Tell us about your garden favourites on May 10th.

The favourite tools session a while back was such a success we’re keen to explore other garden favourites.

At our May event we invite you to share any garden-related favourite with us e.g. a gadget, magazine, tool or perhaps something else.

Bring your item along to ‘show and tell’. Alternatively, a photo, link or description are fine too!

When: Wed 10th May, 6:30pm – 8pm
Where: Sustainable Activity Centre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga

We’re also conducting a little poll – tell us your favourite:
– local nursery;
– seed supplier; and
– garden-related website (yes, try to pick just one or two!)
by completing our 2-minute online survey before May 7th.

We’ll share the poll results at our gathering, and we will post some highlights (the favourite favourites?) on our website after the event. Be sure to add your picks to the mix!

We’ll also have plenty of time to chat all things gardening and the current season in your patch.

Plus the usual arrangements:
– The bulk seed (our seed bank) will be available for members to add to and take from.
– If you can give us a hand with setting up, packing up, taking a photo or some notes, please let us know – see here for more information.
– We’ll have a trade table for cuttings, seedlings, snacks or other things to share.
– Members and guests are welcome to attend. We ask for a $4 donation from non-members to assist with our insurance costs.

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