Feedback from our ‘favourites’ session

By Anna Sullivan

Seed Savers favourites session

At the May gathering, seed savers members brought along their favourite gardening “things” to share with the group. There were lots of great ideas and suggestions, I’ve listed a few below.


Joanne: her ute (to move dirt and pick up goodies from the side of the road), an antique rake from an op shop (although too special to use so hangs in the garage) and a green furry book about garden shops in the UK (bought it because she liked the cover).

Seed Savers favourites session

Rachel:  narrow trowel which she finds helpful in many situations and is particularly good for digging out seedlings. She obtained it in a bush regeneration kit (like this one) many years ago.

Lorraine: homemade seed packets (many designs on the internet and she also designs her own). Use them yourself or as a way to share seeds (and their info!) with others as a gift.

Much interest in Lorraine’s cute seed packets

Di: agricultural pipe of various widths and lengths (for protecting seedlings, keeping netting off plants and building structures) and heavy duty boat velcro from Kelly’s hardware – for attaching netting to the colorbond fence, one part on the fence and one on the net, and the net supported by some conduit or pipe.

Wendy:  soil blocker (makes “blocks” of soil from coir fibre, compost, worm castings, sand and water to plant seeds into). Better than pots as can transplant straight to ground, with no root disturbance. Sourced online from Gundaroo Tiller.

Deb: 2nd wheelbarrow – filled with the gardening tools/bits – (takes it when she walks around the garden).

Anna: month by month garden and animals jobs list.

Karen: phone (for keeping records, weather, quick google checks, photos) and Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds (US) catalog for inspiration (both garden and photography!).

Roz: special multi-tool with one handle and many heads, favourite one for scraping out the weeds between the pavers.

Tilak : hand tool, for weeding, digging etc (also sold at Gundaroo Tiller as their small  “Ho-mi”) also a moon calendar as he has tested this out and has seen how well it works.

We also shared the results of the favourites survey, see them here.

Thanks to those who came and especially those members who helped pack up the seed, many hands make light work. We are enjoying the new venue, especially as Karen said “with the seed stored four steps from the tables”. Thank  you to the Sustainable Activity Centre for sharing the space.

See you at the June seed stocktake gathering, last year this was good fun so hope you can make it.

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