Next event: Seed Stocktake

See you there?

Our annual ‘stocktake’ of our shared seed collection is a great chance to find out more about what we have and how to care for your own saved seed at home!

When: 6:30pm, Thursday 8th June, 2017
Where: Sustainable Activity Centre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga

After a big purge of older seed last year, this session will focus on organising the seed so it’s easy for members to add and find the seeds they want. As well, we’ll discuss some do-it-yourself tips for storing seed, knowing how long it remains viable, and you might also pick some varieties you’d like to help propagate or save seed from in coming seasons.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced seed saver, we bet you can gain from this session; and likewise, all our members benefit from improvements to our collective seed bank!

Plus the usual arrangements:
– We’ll have a trade table for cuttings, seedlings, snacks or other things to share.
– Members and guests are welcome to attend. We ask for a $4 donation from non-members to assist with our insurance costs.

We’d appreciate a hand with setting up, packing up, or taking a few notes or photos … please pop your details here if you can help at this event!

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