Seed Stocktake Success

By Jane Barlow


Notes from our event on Thursday 8th June 2017.

The wonderful workers got onto sorting, repackaging, labelling and reboxing to further organise our seed collection.  Seedlings were also brought along and swapped, and we shared supper between getting on with the jobs at hand.  Lots of good advice, tales and laughter.


The willing workers made a wonderful job of going through the seed bank, to find out where we are light on for some varieties, and which seeds are in need of being planted, grown, saved and brought back, to keep the seed bank at its best and full of fresh seed. Stay tuned, as we’ll be seeking your help with these in the coming growing season.

We have now added the ‘best before’ date on most of the seed.  We also re-packaged a lot into the zip lock bags, putting the varieties together in the little shoe boxes.  These were kindly donated to us; being both practical and cute, as they fit very well into the baskets in the freezer (our seed bank storage!).

We were all done and dusted by 8pm. Many thanks to all who participated!

Looking forward to our next get together for a film and the quickest AGM around.

– Jane

Big thanks to Jane for jotting these notes to share the event with those who weren’t able to make it!

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