Next event: Natural remedies for your garden

June 2018 SSAW

Next event: Mon 4 June

At our next get together, Chiara Cass, professional gardener and Seed Savers committee member, will lead our discussion of ways to avoid garden pests and diseases, as well as share a bunch of natural remedies to address those issues that might turn up!

When: Mon 4th June, 6:30 – 8 pm.
Where: Sustainable Activity Centre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga
(next to Hot House Theatre and La Maison Cafe).

Do you have something to add on this topic? Perhaps a remedy that has worked wonders in your garden or an ongoing challenge? Or something you can’t identify? Bring examples along or simply join in the conversation on the night! (It’ll be just like gardening talk-back radio, only in person, and with a bunch of folks to chime in their experiences!).

Members will be able to access the seed bank at this event, including to add seed you’ve saved, and to grab some seeds, ready for future plantings.

Plus the usual arrangements:
– We’ll have a trade table for cuttings, seedlings, snacks or other things to share.
– Members and guests are welcome to attend. We ask for a $4 donation from non-members to assist with our insurance costs.
– And please dress warmly, the venue can be a bit on the cool side now we’re moving towards winter (yay for a bit more rain!).

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