Annual seed bank stocktake

By Karral Miller

Thank you to the ten Seed Savers members who braved the cold on the evening of Wednesday 5th June to help with the annual stocktake of the seed bank. This is an opportunity to clean out seeds that are past their use-by date, to check which seeds we have in abundance and which ones are in short supply as well as a general clean up and overview of the system. With many people working, the job was done efficiently and quickly.

The seeds of which we need more include:

  • eggplant
  • capsicum
  • chillies
  • beetroot (these may be going to seed in your garden now, consider saving them for us, please)
  • onions
  • brassicas
  • mizuna
  • Asian greens (collect seed in late spring or summer)
  • borage

Plus, of course, we welcome any other seeds that you are able to collect and are willing to share!

Our next meeting is August 22nd- our AGM and film night. The seed bank will be available. Membership fees which are due from July 1st can be paid that night.  Look forward to seeing you.

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