Creating A Garden for Habitat: Notes from session held 17/09/2019

Creating A Garden for Habitat

On Tuesday 17th September more than sixty enthusiastic gardeners attended a presentation on creating a wildlife friendly garden by horticulturist Sue Brunskill. This event was co-hosted by  Seed Savers Albury-Wodonga and Gardens for Wildlife Albury-Wodonga.

There is no dispute that attracting wildlife such as native birds, lizards and pollinating insects to gardens is of huge importance in the garden because of the part they play in preserving species, promoting diversity, increasing pollination and reducing plant diseases.

Some of the points made by Sue were:

-observe which plants attract birds and insects and plant those (eg grevillias for honey eaters, flowers for bees)

-think about the amount of time you have to maintain a garden and design accordingly.

– plant in layers to provide shelter for wildlife at many levels.

– ensure that there are possible homes for animals eg logs, bee hotels, nesting boxes, leaf litter

-do not clean up too much, wildlife is not particularly attracted to neatness

– leave some weeds and let some plants go to seed

– native plants are important for attracting wildlife, put in some even in a more traditional garden

– provide water for wildlife (put a rock or wood for a life buoy if the critter falls in!)

– recycle water eg catch water used in car washing to be used elsewhere.

-microclimates can be created with thoughtful use of water and plantings.

Aided by wonderful slides and the knowledge of plants that she has obtained during many years of work in horticulture, Sue offered many suggestions of the types of plants to grow in our gardens in order to attract wildlife.

Thank you Sue for sharing your time and expertise with us.

Many attendees took advantage of the opening of the Seed Bank after the presentation to stock up on seeds for the current planting season.

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