Coming Events

Seed bank stocktake Wednesday 4th August 6.30 to 8pm, Harry’s Hut, Browns Lagoon, South Albury (enjoy the warmth in this heated venue). 

Come along and help organise our seed bank, check use by dates and update our seed list. A great opportunity to learn about the seeds, discuss gardening with like-minded enthusiasts and, best of all, gain access to the seeds. If you have seed that you have saved during summer and autumn, bring it along to deposit in the seed bank.

 Identifying and Controlling Garden pests/ AGM Saturday 4th September:10am- 12noon. Hopefully outdoors at Brown’s Lagoon if the weather is fine, otherwise Harry’s Hut.

Do you have problems with fruit fly, slaters, slugs, earwigs, aphids or perhaps all of them? At this session, we will help you identify what is eating your plants and offer some non- chemical remedies. Seed Bank open for withdrawal and deposit.

And, by the way, a very short AGM will take place during this session..

 Seed Bank open. Sunday17th October: 10am-12.30pm. Also an opportunity to swap produce. Brown’s Lagoon, South Albury

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