Help out at our next event

Our events are run for, and by, our members. To help share the load we ask that members occasionally volunteer to help out. You don’t need special skills or knowledge … we’ll help if you’re not sure what to do.

Below are the roles for our next event, and who has put their hand up to help so far.
If there’s a gap you can fill, please pop your name and initial into this form against the job you would like to volunteer to help with.

Here are the jobs and times required:

  • Set up: 3 people to arrive 30 minutes before the published start time to help set up the room, set up the seeds, and prepare.
  • Pack up: 3 people to help pack up and return the seeds to the freezer (we aim to finish by the advertised time).
  • Registration: 1 person to look after sign ins and membership payments/queries (arrive at least 15 mins early, continues during session)
  • Seed bank: 1-2 people to oversee and explain how the seed bank works (during the session)
  • Reporter/s: 1 or more people willing to contribute a few dot points, some photos or other comments for our website on something related to the session (attend the event and email us afterwards).

Film night: ‘Seed, the untold story’

Wednesday 9th August 2017, film starts at 6:30pm sharp; close by 8:30pm.

At the Sustainable Activity Centre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga.

Volunteers for this event:

  Helper 1 Helper 2 Helper 3
Set up Lou B Karen R Anna S
Pack up
Seed bank /// ///
Registrations Jane B /// ///

We will be manually updating this table, so there may be a delay between your form submission and your name appearing in this list.

If you have any trouble with this process, let us know (by email or the contact form). Thanks!

The idea is to update and share this page (and the volunteer form) in the lead up to each event. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you have about this approach.

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