Our seed bank

Seed Savers Albury-Wodonga maintain a ‘seed bank’ of seeds of locally adapted, useful plants (with a focus on food). We encourage members to share their excess seed via the seed bank, and to maintain the seed bank by growing from seeds from the bank, and returning saved seeds after harvest.

  • Sustainable Living market, November 2015.

    Using seed sieves to prepare seeds for storage.

    When joining or renewing your membership, you will ‘earn’ 15 seed bank credits. If you ‘withdraw’ seed from the bank, you use some of your credits; if you deposit seed into the seed bank, you will earn additional credits (with a maximum of 25 credits given per seed lot).

  • Access to the bulk seed will be made available to members at many of our gatherings. We encourage the use of recycled envelopes for this and fair sharing.
  • Keep track of your credits by entering them on your seed bank credit card.
  • The aim of the seed bank is to share and keep in use locally adapted seeds; ideally functioning as a co-op where members can both contribute seeds and access seed that others have contributed.
  • For more on the seed bank, please refer to signage that accompanies the seed bank at each gathering.

To ensure and encourage seed quality we ask for any seed coming into the seed bank to be accompanied by a seed data sheet (link will take you to a PDF, which you can right click to print or save). This two-page form asks you about the seed you’ve saved, so that others can decide if it’s a plant they’d like to grow. You might think of the data sheets as the equivalent of the catalogue information that retailers like Diggers or Eden Seeds provide.

Please ask for help with this form (or any aspect of the seed bank) if you are unsure. We also have copies of the forms available at events.

Many of our gatherings focus on building skills to grow, select, save and store seed, so if you would like some tips, or aren’t sure about the quality of your seed, we can help!