Join the Local Harvest Challenge

Local harvest challenge flyer

Local Harvest Challenge week runs 3-9 April.

Get connected with your food!

Join us and the many individuals, households and community groups around Australia who are taking up the Local Harvest Challenge.

It’s one week where we take on the goal of intentionally reclaiming your food choices and decreasing the degrees of separation between us and our food.

How? By setting yourself challenges to find out about local food options and give them a whirl! Find local food resources near you, and put into practice the art of eating locally, supporting local and organic farmers and businesses, and discovering the face behind your food.  Continue reading

I’m taking the Local Harvest Challenge, will you?

Image of zucchini and pumpkins.

Garden produce, yes. But we’ve also got so many other great local harvest options.

By Karen Retra
As discussed at our gathering, I’m going to take the Local Harvest Challenge. It’s a national initiative encouraging people to make mindful food choices for a week (

I’m not usually into food challenges, nor am I doing it because I’ve got all the answers, but because it’s a great excuse to re-examine where my food comes from. And whether my purchasing decisions are supporting the sort of food system I want, that meets my needs but also my values. It’s also a chance to celebrate the local food I’m already accessing as well as dedicate some time to find out about and try new options – which can sometimes get lost in the busyness of life.

Sharing the challenge publicly is a bit confronting for me, but I hope it will help to further the conversations about local food – and maybe mean we can all share some local resources and tips. Continue reading

Protecting, propagating and providing season extensions

What crop protection methods do you use in your garden?

Getting an early start to the season with hoops

Getting an early start to the season with hoops. Photo: Lou bull

When: Wednesday March 30th 2016, from 6:30pm, Thurgoona

Come to this gathering to share your ideas on how you:

  • protect your crops from various elements
  • use heating or housing to propagate seedlings
  • use netting for crop protecting and/or shading
  • use hot housing to extend seasons or grow plants from other climates

We will have the seed bank available. Continue reading

How does your garden grow?

We're asking members ...

Yes, tell us about your garden …

One of the most enjoyable things about getting together with other gardeners is to share experiences of the season. It might be to brag about a great harvest or other ‘wins’. But we can also learn from each other by sharing the challenges – and possibly avoid a problem that others have had, or commiserate when we’re all in the same boat.

We thought it might be fun to share some of these conversations online, as well as at our gatherings.

We kick off with some tales from the summer so far from members Thea O’Loughlin  and Sue Brunskill. Big thanks for sharing your experiences, ladies. Continue reading

From Tragedy to Triumph

After admiring Thea and Luke’s posts about their garden adventures on social media, we asked Thea if she’d write something for our inaugural round of How does your garden grow? And she did!

Text and photos by Thea O’Loughlin Continue reading

Busyness and my garden

leafy greens and herbs

“It’s given me a chance to rethink about our food growing” – Sue

Here’s another response to our prompt How does your garden grow?

By Sue Brunskill

I have had a challenging year and probably have the least productive veggie garden since we moved to Wooragee more than 20 years ago. I did get a bit depressed – we have planted so well for habitat that the parrots and the wallabies have demolished much. But I did “put it on the table” and have a look and realised that I was away in September when I usually get ready for summer garden and then of course when I got back had to catch up on all other things I’d missed, then worked until 23rd Dec instead of stopping earlier, and had a busy family end of year.

But there are some positives too – I might just get my autumn veggies in on time, it gave me a chance to really build up the gardens and do some other things like play with our 2 gorgeous new miniature pigs that we collected on 23rd December.

Continue reading