Open Garden, Seed Bank Opening and Plant and Produce Swap

 Saturday 20th of November, 2021

 Table Top. (10 minutes north of Lavington) 


9am-10am Early Garden Tour

10am to 11am Seed Bank Opening, Plant and Produce Swap.

11am to 12 noon Later Garden Tour

Cost: Free for members, non-members $4.00 paid on arrival.

Further details and bookings at:

Seed Savers Albury Wodonga encourages the saving of seed from useful, edible, and beneficial plants. There will be time between garden sessions to access our seed bank for your spring and summer planting.  This is the prime time to plant many summer crops so check it out.
  If you have seed that you have saved during summer and autumn, bring it along to deposit in the seed bank.  If you have excess seedlings or produce to swap, bring that along too.  A great opportunity to visit a fascinating garden, access seeds and produce and discuss gardening with like-minded garden enthusiasts.

Coming Events

Seed Bank Opening and AGM

 Saturday 16th October 10am-12.30pm.
 Brown’s Lagoon, South Albury

We have supplies of a wide range of seeds in our seed bank., all currently up to date after our stock take in August. This is the prime time to plant many summer crops so check out our seed list here.
  If you have seed that you have saved during summer and autumn, bring it along to deposit in the seed bank. If you have excess seedlings or produce, bring that along too.
A great opportunity to learn about the seeds and discuss gardening with like-minded garden enthusiasts.
A brief AGM will be held during this session.


Seed bank stocktake Wednesday 4th August 6.30 to 8pm, Harry’s Hut, Browns Lagoon, South Albury (enjoy the warmth in this heated venue). 

Come along and help organise our seed bank, check use by dates and update our seed list. A great opportunity to learn about the seeds, discuss gardening with like-minded enthusiasts and, best of all, gain access to the seeds. If you have seed that you have saved during summer and autumn, bring it along to deposit in the seed bank.


Seed Bank Open! and AGM

Saturday 10th October
AGM 11 to 11.30am
Seed Bank Opening 11.30am to 1pm
Brown’s Lagoon, Olive Street, South Albury

After that lovely rain and as the temperatures warm up again, our thoughts will be turning to planting our summer crops. And, just in time, SSAW is giving you the opportunity to access the seed bank!

We will have our AGM at 11am on Saturday 10th October, followed by the opening of the seed bank from 11.30am until 1pm. We will be holding these events in the covered picnic area at Brown’s Lagoon, Olive Street, South Albury.

Please consider attending the AGM. It is always short but it is a great opportunity to meet members of the Committee and show your support. You must be a member to vote.

You can view a list of the seeds currently in stock on our website but there should be more available on the day as members add new seed.

We hope that many of you will bring seed, cleaned or uncleaned, that you have saved from crops earlier in the year to deposit in the seed bank. Cleaning equipment will not be available due to COVID risk but you can deposit uncleaned seed to be cleaned by Committee members at a later date.

In order to follow COVID guidelines, we have to implement some extra procedures to keep everyone as safe as possible:

  • Those who intend to attend the event should pre-register by emailing with their name, email address and phone number. This will give us the compulsory list of attendees which can be checked off at the event and therefore reducing contact with other people and sharing of pens etc.
  • Those who wish to deposit seed, should, wherever possible, print and fill in a seed deposit sheet from our website prior to the event. This should be handed in on the day for a Committee member to collate.
  • Similarly, those withdrawing seed need only to fill in the withdrawal sheet which will be available on the day. Members’ credits and debits will be added to their cards by Committee members at a later date.
  • Hand sanitiser and wipes will be provided and must be used on registering and after handling seed packets, measurers, etc
  • Safe distancing should be practised at all times. If the area becomes crowded, Committee members will control the flow of people.
  • Masks are recommended in crowded situations.


Members who live in the Victorian bubble will need a Border Pass.

Membership is now due. Don’t forget to renew your membership online at our website.

Hope to see you soon.

Seed Savers Albury-Wodonga Inc.

Beechworth Natural Farm Visit: Notes from the Seedsavers visit 09/11/19

Saturday 9th November 201

A few seedsavers and keen local gardeners braved the cold, windy weather and visited Pat and Ada’s farm at 13 Kibell Lane Beechworth, last Saturday. We had a nice hot cup of tea before our informative tour around the farm. Pat and Ada have been growing vegetables on their 27acre farm for the last three years. They are committed to producing healthy organic vegetables grown in humus rich soil, as they are certified Demeter Bio Dynamic in conversion growers.

This chemical free farming practice and the certification requirements are challenging and rewarding for Pat, Ada and their young family. They have worked hard growing green manure crops to improve their soil which was quite acid and depleted to begin with. In winter they sow fava and broad beans, vetch, clover, oats, and lupins which are cut and dug into the soil. In summer they grow sorghum, sunflowers, buck wheat and corn to help build up humus rich soil, rich in organic matter. They use mulch, hand weeding or use various hand tools to limit weed germination around their young seedlings.

Poor drainage in their fields was another challenge they had to contend with, constructing table drains to prevent waterlogging and adding mushroom compost and animal manure to improve the soil fertility. They erected a boundary fence that keeps rabbits, Kangaroos and wombats out. Red legged earth mites and  hot and cold temperatures have been managed by covering emerging seedlings in the fields. In terms of water they have 10 megalitres of groundwater and 12 megalitres in surface dams to use for growing vegetables.

The rewards for Ada and Pat are evident in the vegetable boxes they sell at the farm gate. They supply vegetables to local restaurants and they sell open pollinated seedlings at local markets for home gardeners. So check out their website to shop online or visit their farm. Pat and Ada are both genuinely committed to growing healthy organic food for their community.



More on the Community Garden visit


Photo from Nick Taylor’s “Pedalling Forwards” blog.

Nick Taylor is a sustainability blogger on a pedal-powered tour around Australia. He recently passed through our area and joined in the Seed Savers Albury-Wodonga visit to the community garden.

Nick describes his adventure as ‘a bike journey in search of sustainability innovations and inspiration’ and he wrote a lovely piece about his visit to this garden with our group. Continue reading

Black Barn Farm Tour and Seed Saving Workshop – Sat 17 Feb

BBF event

Farm tour and seed saving workshop – take 2.

UPDATE: this event is fully booked!

The interest and response in the seed saving workshop and the guided tour of Black Barn Farm has been amazing!
If you missed out on a place, you might like to join our Seed Savers email list to hear of our next events. And to receive notification of upcoming Black Barn Farm events sign up for their seasonal updates or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.
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