Great night talking about protecting crops from pests and extending the growing season

Notes from our gathering on March 30th
by Wendy Smith

Row cover support options photo

Lou discussing different supports for row covers. Photo: Anna Sullivan

The row cover system can used lots of different ways: veggie netting to protect from fruit fly, cabbage moth or white butterfly, etc; builders plastic to create a mini hot house to extend the warmer season (starting tomatoes, beans and corn at the end of August!); or shade cloth to protect coriander from the heat.  As Lou mentioned, keeping your growing bed area to a standard size enables you to use the same set-up across all beds and for all sorts of protection.

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Protecting, propagating and providing season extensions

What crop protection methods do you use in your garden?

Getting an early start to the season with hoops

Getting an early start to the season with hoops. Photo: Lou bull

When: Wednesday March 30th 2016, from 6:30pm, Thurgoona

Come to this gathering to share your ideas on how you:

  • protect your crops from various elements
  • use heating or housing to propagate seedlings
  • use netting for crop protecting and/or shading
  • use hot housing to extend seasons or grow plants from other climates

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