I’m taking the Local Harvest Challenge, will you?

Image of zucchini and pumpkins.

Garden produce, yes. But we’ve also got so many other great local harvest options.

By Karen Retra
As discussed at our gathering, I’m going to take the Local Harvest Challenge. It’s a national initiative encouraging people to make mindful food choices for a week (localharvest.org.au).

I’m not usually into food challenges, nor am I doing it because I’ve got all the answers, but because it’s a great excuse to re-examine where my food comes from. And whether my purchasing decisions are supporting the sort of food system I want, that meets my needs but also my values. It’s also a chance to celebrate the local food I’m already accessing as well as dedicate some time to find out about and try new options – which can sometimes get lost in the busyness of life.

Sharing the challenge publicly is a bit confronting for me, but I hope it will help to further the conversations about local food – and maybe mean we can all share some local resources and tips. Continue reading