Next event: Natural remedies for your garden

June 2018 SSAW

Next event: Mon 4 June

At our next get together, Chiara Cass, professional gardener and Seed Savers committee member, will lead our discussion of ways to avoid garden pests and diseases, as well as share a bunch of natural remedies to address those issues that might turn up!

When: Mon 4th June, 6:30 – 8 pm.
Where: Sustainable Activity Centre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga
(next to Hot House Theatre and La Maison Cafe). Continue reading

Our visit to Thea’s garden

By Karral Miller

Thea's terrific talk and photos

Introduction by Victoria. First of many fabulous photos in Thea’s presentation. Photo: Karral Miller

Three years ago Thea and Luke O’Loughlin came from Melbourne to live in a rented house in Albury. Previous tenants had planted some citrus trees, a banana tree (plantains), a passionfruit vine and a few pumpkins and potatoes but had left little in the way of good gardening beds. Undaunted and with almost no gardening experience, Thea and Luke set out to produce as much of their own food as they could without spending a heap of money.  Continue reading

Seed savers visit RAD growers

Collage of photos from farm visit

Our visit to RAD growers

Our much-anticipated end of year excursion to RAD growers was a wonderful day out and a huge hit with those who attended. Erin O’Callaghan runs this inspiring small-scale farm enterprise at Bungowannah, just outside Albury.

Report below or just check out the photos. Continue reading

Excursion to RAD Growers

Join us at RAD Growers, 5th Nov.

Join us at RAD Growers, 5th Nov.

Our final gathering for the year is an excursion to RAD Growers at Bungowannah (about 15 minutes drive from Albury).

We’re thrilled to be visiting this exciting  food growing adventure (‘Real And Delicious’), just as it turns one year old. There have been plenty of ups and downs in this story already, not least of which was the recent flooding that inundated the patch.

If you’re keen to see food growing taken to the next level, and learn more about seasonal, local food production in the form of market gardening and eggs from chickens on pasture, be sure to RSVP. Continue reading

Protecting, propagating and providing season extensions

What crop protection methods do you use in your garden?

Getting an early start to the season with hoops

Getting an early start to the season with hoops. Photo: Lou bull

When: Wednesday March 30th 2016, from 6:30pm, Thurgoona

Come to this gathering to share your ideas on how you:

  • protect your crops from various elements
  • use heating or housing to propagate seedlings
  • use netting for crop protecting and/or shading
  • use hot housing to extend seasons or grow plants from other climates

We will have the seed bank available. Continue reading