Ready to embrace your weeds?


Our next event …

Don’t just reach for the glyphosate! We will look at safer, more environmentally friendly ways of dealing with these “plants in the wrong place”. Best of all, we will learn to view them as friends with a multitude of valuable and delicious uses.

Join us for this special session, presented by Emma Street. You may know edible weeds are a highly nutritious, sustainable, local food source, but how often are they seen as tasty as well? We will discuss some of the species and recipes that make weeds delicious to eat, as well as some ideas to preserve them for use throughout the year.


When: Thursday 12th October, 6:30pm – 8pm.
Where: Sustainable Activity Centre, Lincoln Causeway, Wodonga

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Notes from Andrew Christy’s Seed Raising Talk

Hot tips on seed raising and more

Plus a quiz for seedling spotters

By Jane Barlow

A wonderful turn out of folks came to listen to Andrew Christy give us a talk on raising seeds and the growing mediums that can be used, also containers, tricky seeds and ways to improve the way we raise seeds. Ideas and tools for success. Continue reading

Pruning fruit trees – the basics and get some practice


Join us on Sun 4th September

Our next event will be held at Jindera on Sun 4th Sept, 1-4pm.

An afternoon to build your pruning skills and swap tips for fruit tree management.

Yes, it’s a little late in the season for fruit tree pruning, but it’s a job that can be forgotten. In Jane’s orchard, we’ll look at the key things to consider when pruning and have a go at putting it into practice. We’ll discuss general techniques for pruning different types of fruit trees and pruning for established trees (including those that might have been ‘let go’ in recent seasons). Continue reading

My winter gardening activities

Winter gardening

Skies are bleak, leaves are gone …

By Victoria Schollick

Winter has arrived with foggy, frosty mornings followed by cold, raining and overcast days. It’s hard to get enthusiastic about gardening when your fingers are feeling half-frozen and your nose starts dripping. And it’s very tempting to stay indoors rather than step outside and tackle some “must do” garden tasks. Continue reading

How does your garden grow?

We're asking members ...

Yes, tell us about your garden …

One of the most enjoyable things about getting together with other gardeners is to share experiences of the season. It might be to brag about a great harvest or other ‘wins’. But we can also learn from each other by sharing the challenges – and possibly avoid a problem that others have had, or commiserate when we’re all in the same boat.

We thought it might be fun to share some of these conversations online, as well as at our gatherings.

We kick off with some tales from the summer so far from members Thea O’Loughlin  and Sue Brunskill. Big thanks for sharing your experiences, ladies. Continue reading

Karral’s garden journal

By Karral Miller (SSAW committee member)

Member's garden journal image

Another Seed Savers member’s garden journal – as much a work of art as a record of the garden!

My most useful gardening tool is not a favourite trowel or that cunning little device for measuring soil pH but something more ephemeral – my gardening journal.

I began several years ago jotting down planting times and sketches of garden beds on various bits of paper but this soon became inefficient and unmanageable. I graduated to small dairies where I could write under the dates when I planted and harvested, weather conditions and garden events but I soon found there was insufficient space as I wanted to make comments and reflections. Continue reading