Event notes from ‘Embrace your weeds’

Emma and some weeds

Emma discussing weeds!

By Karral Millar & Chiara Cass

Workshop: Embrace your Weeds, held Thursday 12/10/17
Presenter: Emma Street

As gardeners we spend a great deal of time and money and risk our health with the use of herbicides in order to remove weeds from our garden. Perhaps we should rethink and use some of these weeds which can be delicious and highly nutritious. Continue reading

Virtual Garden Visit To Thea’s Garden

garden talk image

We’re taking a virtual garden tour! All photos by Thea.

We all love to visit gardens (and we’ll do that again as a group in November!) but if a physical visit isn’t possible, how about a virtual one?

Thea & Luke’s Albury rental garden has been a source of inspiration (for us and their social media followers!) and experimentation (for them). We were sad to learn that Thea and Luke are moving on from Albury, but Thea’s kindly agreed to share some of her experiences gardening in our climate with us before they go.
Come along to find out more! Continue reading

Preserving session notes

Tasting Jacky's preserves

Yes, Jacky even brought along items to taste test! Photo: Anna Sullivan

By Wendy Justice

I was particularly excited about the topic of the recent seed savers gathering – PRESERVING.

We covered a lot of information over about an hour and I’d like to thank Jacky Cronin for presenting and sharing her valuable accumulation of knowledge and also thanks to the Seed Savers committee for continual effort in organising such events. Continue reading

Preserving your Harvest

Preserving image

Come along – 14th of May 2016

For our May 2016 gathering we’ll be revisiting a popular topic – preserving! It’s on Saturday 14 May, from 3pm to about 4:30pm.

When your home garden is humming along, you might find yourself muttering “but there’s so much at once!” What to do? Preserve!

Bring your favourite preserved item and recipe, or any photos, tools or tips to share.

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From Tragedy to Triumph

After admiring Thea and Luke’s posts about their garden adventures on social media, we asked Thea if she’d write something for our inaugural round of How does your garden grow? And she did!

Text and photos by Thea O’Loughlin Continue reading

Other events and news, March 2015

Below are some other events and news members might be interested in.

Open Garden, this weekend – Kerr Sustainability Centre, Thurgoona – 28th & 29th March
A local community garden of more than 100 plots. See how community gardens can offer something different to growing at home and admire the diversity of styles, plants, layouts and more.
See http://ecoportal.net.au/event/open-garden-kerr-sustainability-centre-thurgoona

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Summer delights


Harvesting summer fruit

By Sue Brunskill
This summer we stayed at home instead of going away and I have really enjoyed making new recipes and turning the excess fruit into food for later, including labna, kefir and green drinks, and my usual plum products. I must say I only ever make things that are no fuss and easy to make, and also easy to use later.

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