SEED BANK OPENING : Wednesday 11th November 6pm to 8pm

Brown’s Lagoon, Olive Street, South Albury

With the continued rain and mild temperatures, it is still perfect time to be planting seed of many summer crops. Our seed bank reopening on the 10th October attracted many enthusiastic seed savers and gardeners but there is still a healthy supply of seed to be withdrawn.
Take advantage of the longer day and, hopefully, the lovely evening, to visit us outdoors at Brown’s Lagoon between 6 and 8pm.

Please bring seed, cleaned or uncleaned, that you have saved from crops earlier in the year to deposit in the seed bank. Cleaning equipment will not be available due to COVID risk but you can deposit uncleaned seed to be cleaned by Committee members at a later date.

In order to follow COVID guidelines, we have to implement some extra procedures to keep everyone as safe as possible:

Those who intend to attend the event should pre-register by emailing with their name, email address and phone number. This will give us the compulsory list of attendees which can be checked off at the event and therefore reducing contact with other people and sharing of pens etc.

We have simplified the withdrawal and deposit form filling process to minimise COVD risk.

Hand sanitiser and wipes will be provided and must be used on registering and after handling seed packets, measurers, etc

Safe distancing should be practised at all times. If the area becomes crowded, Committee members will control the flow of people.

Please do not attend if you are not well or have been tested for COVID19  or visited a COVID high risk area within the last 14 days. 

Masks are recommended in crowded situations.

Members who live in the Victorian bubble will need a Border Pass.

Seed bank stocktake

Seed bank stocktake event, 14 June 2016

Seed bank stocktake event, 14 June 2016

Our next gathering is a chance to become intimate with the seed we have in our shared seed bank and methods for storing and sorting. Yes, this evening is all about the seeds!

As many of you know, there are both challenges and delights to finding seeds in our seed bank – it can be a mix of emotions. Come along and help us maintain the collection, grab seeds ahead for next season and learn about storing your own seed. Continue reading

Check out our seed bank lists

seed inventory list

List of seeds in the seed bank – vegetables first and flowers and herbs following.

Here’s our latest inventory of seeds in our seed bank (click to view as a PDF).

We encourage members to use the lists to identify the seed they would like to access (take home, grow, save again, share & return!) and also opportunities to expand or renew the seed bank by contributing seed we don’t currently have or are running low on.

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