Feedback from Drop-In Seed Session

By Karral Miller

Pics from the session by Thea O'Loughlin

Pics from the session by Thea O’Loughlin

At our Drop-In Seed Session evening on Thursday 20th October around 30 members enthusiastically chose seeds from our seed bank to plant in their gardens now that the soil is (slowly) warming. The seed bank currently has a wide variety of seed and, due to recent efforts by some of our volunteer workers, it is better labelled, cleared of unviable seed, easier to access and record deposits and withdrawals. Continue reading

Tomato Extravaganza – 25th Feb

Photo huge pile of tomatoes

La Tomatina, Spain. Photo source:

The first Seed Savers Albury-Wodonga gathering for 2016 is a seed cleaning session and discussion of all things tomato – tomato seed saving, tomato growing experiences, best varieties, and what to do with the glut!

Bring samples of your tomatoes and recipes to share.

We’ll have the seed bank in action so bring your other summer seeds to clean too or use the opportunity to take home some seeds for the coming seasons. Continue reading

Check out our seed bank lists

seed inventory list

List of seeds in the seed bank – vegetables first and flowers and herbs following.

Here’s our latest inventory of seeds in our seed bank (click to view as a PDF).

We encourage members to use the lists to identify the seed they would like to access (take home, grow, save again, share & return!) and also opportunities to expand or renew the seed bank by contributing seed we don’t currently have or are running low on.

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Understanding your cucurbits!

Bungowannah butternut pumpkins, Photo: Lou Bull

Photo: Lou Bull

We hope you can join us for our next Seed Savers Albury-Wodonga gathering on Wednesday 22nd April, when we’ll be focussing on the cucurbit family – and pumpkins in particular!

It’s the night to show off your large pumpkin, your best pumpkin, your secret or favorite pumpkin recipe AND to learn about saving seed from this family.
We’ll look at ‘Why they cross so easily’.
Bring your pumpkins, photos, recipes and/or stories on this theme!

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