Wicking bed project & invitation

By Karen Retra

Seed Savers Albury-Wodonga have partnered with Chep Pallets (Wodonga) and a number of local organisations to re-purpose broken plastic bulk containers into wicking beds for community projects locally.

Ralph and I are coordinating the project which aims to help promote food growing, gardening and sustainability. There are opportunities for seed savers members and friends to get involved, including this coming weekend.

Turning these into these …

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What are wicking beds?

By Karen Retra

Height of summer and no heat stress in this wicking bed

Height of summer and no heat stress in this wicking bed; nor does the gardener feel pressured to water daily.

Wicking beds are frequently discussed at our Seed Savers gatherings, with quite a number of members having created this type of bed (or pot or other vessel) in their garden.

For those not so familiar with the concept here’s a quick overview and some resources for further reading.

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